Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Congratulations Katt!

Katt gave birth to her precious little girl on Saturday.

Surrounded by family who love and support her adoption decision, Katt came in this morning to sign papers giving her daughter a beautiful family to provide, love, and offer her many opportunities she might otherwise not have. This couple cares so much for Katt and their gratitude to her cannot be described with words. How lucky I am to be involved and witness events like this. It has been said by our birthmothers that signing consent to adoption paperwork is like ripping off a bandaid, you just have to do it and get it over with. Katt was strong, brave, and determined as she ripped off that bandaid today. She has a great relationship with her couple and will no doubt still be able to watch her beautiful little girl grow up. Katt, you just created a family, answered years of prayers and tears, and made a personal Christ-like sacrifice so huge that only a select few can stand on that platform to hold their heads high with you. Well done, Katt.


Heather said...


Your an amazing woman and did a very selfless act. I am so happy to call you my friend. You gave your little girl an amazing gift that she will always be greatful to you forever.

Anonymous said...

I am adopted and so is my husband, my sister and five of my husbands siblings. I am so grateful that my birth mom had the courage to give me a life that I might not have had. I now have three children of my own and although I will never know the pain, agony or sacrifice in the sense that you know it. I am grateful for you and all birth mom's for knowing that at this point in your life you weren't quite ready to be a mom yet and for knowing in your heart that giving your child a family was the right thing to do. You are amazing and your sacrifice will be hugely rewarded. You are indeed Christ-like for giving of your own flesh. Again I thank you and all birth mom's for your personal sacrifice and your willingness to walk the road less traveled.