Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What Open Adoption is All About

This is why we do outreach
This is why we have birthmother panels at our adoption academy
This is why we try to educate both our birth mothers and adoptive couples on openness.

Because it can be beautiful
Because it can be heart warming
Because it is a way for people to come closer to their Savior by fellowshipping each other in their trials.

Angie & Steve are adoptive parent rockstars! This is how we wish and want ALL adoptive couples to feel. This is a prime example of a healthy, humble, appreciative, open and awesome adoptive couple. The rest of their blog from the time they met their birthmother is also great, this most recent post is just so touching! How lucky their son will be to know that everyone around him loves not only him, but each other as well. He will grow up not wondering where his loyalty should lie because he knows his birthmother, he will know she AND his parents are all on the same page, and all want him to succeed and be great!


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Norma said...

This couple is AMAZING!!! I love them with all my heart!