Wednesday, July 22, 2009

16 & Pregnant

Who'd a thought that MTV would have a story supporting adoption? Everyone keeps asking me if I've seen this, and I finally sat down and watched it online. If only more birthfathers could be that supportive! You ladies also probably know how glad I was that they finally did decide in the end to spend some time with their daughter!


Heather said...

the hardest thing was seeing her not want to see her daughter before placement, i was glad to see in the end she made the decision to see her and say goodbye.,.. make sure to watcht the finale special and watch life after labor.. they even did a reunion with Catelyn and the adoptive family.. what a sweet reunion... she is truely happy and content with her decision... what a strong girl

Anonymous said...

Brett was actually the one that started watching this & we've watched a few episodes before bed.